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Children & Baby Care : Bed Wetting Trainer

Bed Wetting Trainer

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EnuSens™ is designed to offer a range of enuresis monitoring solutions to aid care of the elderly, disabled people and children requiring bed wetting training, and vomit detection. Additionally, the monitor can be used for water leak and overflow alarms for baths etc.

The EnuSens™ sensor causes no discomfort to the user when positioned under their bed sheet. Plastic sensors can lead to bed sores over time caused by increased perspiration from laying on a thermal barrier created by a plastic sensor. EnuSens™ is manufactured from cotton fabric that is comfortable under a bed sheet, does not produce noise when a patient moves in bed and is not affected by urine ingress.

EnuSens™ uses a cotton blend soft fabric enuresis sensor (750mm x 450mm) that is suitable for bed, chair or wheelchair use. The sensor can also be used inside a pillowcase for vomit detection. The enuresis sensor can be boil washed and tumble dried. Soiled sensors are quickly changed with the stainless steel press-clip connectors.

ELES-01 Sensor          ELES-01 Monitor Only Kit Includes Monitor, Sensor and Lead

EnuSens™ can be connected directly into a nurse call system, connected to a community alarm system, or used with one of our pager alarms such as the MPP pager. To make connection to devices where custom connection leads are used, the ELES-RO connector will make any connection simple.


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