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Children & Baby Care : Children's Apnoea Monitor - monitor the breathing movements of a sleeping person

Children's Apnoea Monitor - monitor the breathing movements of a sleeping person

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The Nanny BM-02 is designed to monitor the breathing movements of a sleeping child. A sensor sheet measuring 550mm x 350mm x 15mm is positioned under the mattress. The sensor is connected to a monitor that analyses the tiny chest movements created by breathing. If less than eight breaths per minute are recorded the alarm will sound.


Additionally, if breathing movements are not detected for a period exceeding 20 seconds, the alarm will sound.


When the alarm is activated it must be reset at the monitor to acknowledge the alarm. The Nanny BM-02 has LED's that indicate confirmation of breathing detected, low battery warning and sensor fault.


The sensor is enclosed in a washable vinyl pocket where normal strength disinfectant may be used should the sensor become soiled.


The sensor has a two metre connection lead with a 5 metre extension lead supplied to enable positioning of the monitor alarm outside of the patients room.


The Nanny BM-02 is suitable for children with medical conditions that may cause cessation of breathing including; destructive sleep Apnoea (snoring), babies at risk from cot death (SIDS) people with Epilepsy at risk from SUDEP. Certified medical device.


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