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CAREGIVER PRODUCTS : Caregiver Pager & Bathroom Pull Cord Kit

Caregiver Pager & Bathroom Pull Cord Kit

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Perfect for when assistance is required in the bathroom


Product Number 2406

Caregiver Pager & Bathroom Pull Cord Kit


Great for bathrooms and other areas where a pullcord might be useful e.g. beside a bed or chair.

The Caregiver Pager will alert when the when the cord is pulled, notifying the carer that assistance is required.


Features Include:

  • Light on pager lets you know when the Pullcord has been activated
  • Easy to set up, no wiring required
  • Range of up to 150 metres, coverage may vary depending on structure of house/building
  • Pager alerts can be set to 1.) Sound Only 2.) Sound & Vibrate 3.) Vibrate Only
  • Belt clip to attach to Carer's belt/clothing for constant patient monitoring
  • Wall plugs and screws provided to fix Pullcord to ceiling, electric drill will be required for this
  • Up to four devices can be paired with one Caregiver Pager
  • Additional devices include a Call Button, Bed/Chair Sensor Pad, Door/Window Alarm and Stationary Pager. A unique alert sound can be set for each device.
  • One year warranty





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