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CAREGIVER PRODUCTS : Caregiver Wireless Call Button

Caregiver Wireless Call Button

Price per Unit (piece):
Salesprice with discount:
Sales price: € 55,00
Must be used in conjunction with a pager or stationary receiver


Product Number 2402

Caregiver Wireless Call Button


This wireless Call Button sends an alert to the Caregiver Pager and/or a Stationary Receiver.

Can be wall mounted or simply placed where your loved one will be.


Features Include: 

  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Monitoring distance up to 150 meters in an open area (walls and other interference may affect operating distance)
  • Must be used in conjunction with a Caregiver Pager and/or a Stationary Receiver (priced separately)
  • Pager alerts the caregiver via sound, light and vibration. Pager can be set to: 1.) Sound Only 2.) Sound+ Vibrate 3.) Vibrate Only
  • Pager features a belt/waist clip to attach to users belt or clothing for constant patient monitoring
  • Up to four wireless monitoring devices can be paired with one Caregiver Pager including the motion sensor, bed/fall mat, door/window alarm, wireless call button and fall monitor
  • One year warranty




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