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CAREGIVER PRODUCTS : Enuresis Sensor Pad

Enuresis Sensor Pad

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Must be used in conjunction with the Enuresis Monitor.


Product Number 7002

Enuresis Sensor Pad


The EnuSens™ sensor causes no discomfort to the user when positioned under their bed sheet. Plastic sensors can lead to bed sores over time caused by increased perspiration from laying on a thermal barrier created by a plastic sensor.


EnuSens™ is manufactured from cotton fabric that is comfortable under a bed sheet, does not produce noise when a patient moves in bed and is not affected by urine ingress.


EnuSens™ uses a cotton blend soft fabric enuresis sensor (750mm x 450mm) that is suitable for bed, chair or wheelchair use.


The sensor can also be used inside a pillowcase for vomit detection.


Soiled sensors are quickly changed with the stainless steel press-clip connectors.


The enuresis sensor can be boil washed and tumble dried. 


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